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Practical Health Index

Links to resources we love, use and endorse, because they have produced a positive benefit to our health, and they all muscle test strong for us. May they reduce the time you spend searching for effective solutions to your needs.

1. Living by God’s Spirit Promotes Healing from the Inside Out
2. Identify Healthy Delicious Meal Plans
3. Consume Awesome Nutrition – Food based supplements provide the tools your body needs
4. Internal Cleanses
5. Natural Cleaning Products
  • Miracle II Soap – Excellent and healthy for body, hair and more. Best shampoo I have used.
  • Thai Crystal Deodorant – Healthy, effective deodorant with no aluminum in it. Aluminum collects in the brain causing mental disorders.
  • Dry Skin Brush  – This blog explains the health benefits of dry skin brushing
  • Melaleuca Inc. Non-toxic household cleaners as well as personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, make-up, laundry and dish soap. Melaleuca oila healing oil, is in many of these products. It is a network marketing company, so if you can’t find a friend whom you can enroll under, you may contact Mark Virkler to enroll.
6. Equipment Which Promotes Health
• MAXT3 – Exercise from home (interval training for ALL muscle groups)
 EMF shields – Protect your body from electromagnetic fields
• Whole Body Vibration Home Unit – This blog explains how it reverses aging and restores healthHere is the excellent unit which we purchased.
• Adjustable Desk Tops  Research shows sitting many hours a day is as detrimental as smoking. Purchase here: Adjustable desk for computer screen or adjustable desk for laptop and here is an adjustable laptop raiser. These have truly helped restore the proper curvature to my neck, along with the assistance of my Maximized Living chiropractor.
• HEPA Air Purifiers – The ones I use in my home. Five-year filter life. Free shipping!
• Inversion Table  – Let your body stretch out
• Mini Masseuse – Topical Muscle Release. Excellent for reducing muscle tension in the back or any sore muscles 
• ZYTO Compass – Energy testing software (In the referral box on their website you may list “Mark Virkler”)
7. Assistance For Your Immune System
8. Fasting Reboots the Immune System
10. Online Health Counselors
  • Mercola – Great blogs, articles and products. Use his search feature to find answers to your questions or ailments. 
  • Life Extension Website – Provides lots of products as well as an outstanding monthly magazine informing you on the latest accurate research in healthUse his search feature to find answers to your questions or ailments. They also have an 800 number which connects to a holistic MD who can answer your questions. This is a free service. When faulty studies come out saying vitamins are in-effective, they run an article showing why the study was flawed.
  • iHerb – A good source for discounted supplements and health products that can be shipped worldwide. (Save $5 using our link.)
  • Prescription for Nutritional Healing – Your resource manual to discover what vitamins and herbs to take for various infirmities.
  • A More Excellent Way – Explore the spiritual roots of diseases so you can pray and remove them.
  • Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer Series – Interviews with practitioners providing alternative cancer treatments. Get informed so you never need to fear cancer. 
  • Additional Online Health Service Providers – Listed in this blog post under the section titled “Diagnostic Tools for Discovering Root Causes of Infirmities.”
11. Health Service Providers
12. Health Retreats and Clinics (Not personally experienced by Mark Virkler)
13. Miracle Healing Crusades
14. Health Training: Books, CDs, DVDs and Courses

The following are books, many with accompanying CDs, DVDs MP3s or streaming audio, which provide practical, biblical, spiritual keys for healing spirit, soul and body. They may be used for individual growth or three month studies for group useYou can hire a coach (Personal Spiritual Trainer) to go along with any of these training modules. They are also available as college courses through Christian Leadership University where you may work toward a degree, or e-courses through CLU’s School of the Spirit where you may work toward a diploma.

Take Charge of Your Health

• Fasting to Freedom by Ron Lagerquist
15. Blogs by Dr. Mark Virkler – the following blogs are topically arranged, and contain stories, research and links to many great resources.